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Mick Rawlings

Mick Rawlings, BA Hons, MCifA

Director, Archaeology

Tel:0123 5838 234Fax:
Mobile:0770 3113 469Email:

Mick has more than 25 years of professional experience within the historic environment sector, with projects in the UK & overseas. He has been employed by contracting and consulting organisations that provide archaeological and historic environment services to a wide range of clients. These include transport and infrastructure providers as well as public agencies and private sector developers. His experience includes road, rail and aviation projects, renewable energy schemes (including onshore and offshore wind farms) and a considerable number of large-scale residential schemes.

Peter Reeves

Peter Reeves, BA (Jt Hons) MCIfA

Associate Director, Archaeology

Tel:020 7832 0287Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:0785 0733 909Email:

Peter has experience in consulting on a wide variety of sites ranging in size, complexity, geography and archaeological potential. He has a particular expertise in the Mining, Minerals and Energy sectors experienced in producing desk-based assessments, environmental statements and setting assessments, and in managing fieldwork projects. Peter works for a variety of developers, including major residential developers and renewable energy companies.

Alistair Robertson

Alistair Robertson, MA (Joint Hons), MCIfA FSA Scot

Associate Director, Archaeology

Mobile:07808 245 903Email:

Alistair has over 10 years experience in contract archaeology and has managed the archaeological issues on a diverse range of construction projects, from bespoke residential developments to national infrastructure schemes. He has a detailed knowledge of relevant planning procedures, having also worked at Historic Scotland where he provided specialist advice on nationally significant heritage sites. Alistair is responsible for advising clients on archaeology in the planning process and ensuring best-value and a successful outcome.

Louise Ryan

Louise Ryan, BA(Hons) Msc

Associate Director, Historic Buildings

Tel:Fax:020 7583 2231

Louise is experienced in providing strategic heritage and townscape advice for a wide range of development schemes in a historic environment context. She has considerable experience in major regeneration projects, often involving tall buildings. With a strong proven academic record, Louise is proficient in preparing Built Heritage Statements, EIA Chapters and Heritage, Townscape and Visual Impact Assessments.

Thomas Rumley

Thomas Rumley, BSc (Hons), MSc

Senior Heritage Consultant, Historic Buildings

Tel:Fax:01636 653 065
Mobile:0797 9537 481Email:

Tom joined RPS CgMs at the beginning of 2015 and has contributed to and completed built heritage statements for residential developments within the setting of numerous heritage assets and produced built heritage assessments for a range of projects involving agricultural and industrial buildings.

Kim Rua

Kim Rua

Senior Credit Controller, Office Management Team

Tel:020 7832 1493Fax:020 7583 2231

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