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Duncan Hawkins

Duncan Hawkins, BA, (Hons), MSc, FSA, MCIfA

Operational Director, Archaeology and Historic Buildings

Tel:020 7832 1481Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:0774 0171 834Email:

Duncan has over 20 years experience as a professional archaeologist, project manager and consultant. He spent 5 years working for the Museum of London before moving into private consultancy. Duncan has particular experience of working for housing developers and acts for many of the main UK housebuilders on archaeological matters.

Simon Blatherwick

Simon Blatherwick, BA MA MCIfA

Director, Archaeology

Tel:Fax:020 7583 2231

Simon has led historic environment consultancy and archaeological field work teams on a diverse range of projects spanning infrastructure, energy, town centre re-development and brown-field/greenfield sites. He provides consultancy advice on historic environment responses in relation to development proposals. With over twenty-six years of experience of working in the historic environment sector, including over ten years of undertaking archaeological fieldwork, Simon has a unique knowledge of the historic environment and development.

Veronica Cassin

Veronica Cassin, B.Arch MA

Director, Historic Buildings


Veronica trained as an architect and has specialised in heritage conservation and historic buildings for over twelve years. Her experience spans the disciplines of design, construction, planning and building conservation. She has worked in local government, in a policy development capacity, as well as across a variety of sectors in private practice. She understands demands of statutory compliance and commercial performance in both London and international contexts.

Sally Dicks

Sally Dicks, BA (Hons), MCIfA

Director, Archaeology

Tel:020 7832 1390Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:07743 800 950Email:

Sally has over 7 years experience as a professional archaeologist. She is reponsible for project management and assigning sub-contractors; also writing environmental impact assessments, desk based assessments, written scheme of investigations and providing advise to clients.

Jo Evans

Jo Evans, BSc (Hons) RTPI IHBC

Director, Historic Buildings

Tel:Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:0771 3310 419Email:

Jo has over 20 years experience in the private and public sector with experience in all aspects of building and area conservation. Jo is the past Chair of the Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC), prior to which she was the Membership Secretary of the IHBC and the Chair of the Institute's Membership and Ethics Committee. She is currently the Secretary of the IHBC. Jo also sits on the Design Review Panel for Oxford City Council.

Suzanne Gailey

Suzanne Gailey, BA (Hons), MA, MCIfA

Director, Archaeology

Tel:020 7832 1488Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:0783 4030 470Email:

Experience in coordinating and managing fieldwork projects, production of archaeological Desk Based Assessments, Archaeological Impact Assessments and Environmental Impact Assessments. Experience in offering development control advice, digitised characterisation projects and historical and archaeological research.

Richard von Kalinowski-Meager

Richard von Kalinowski-Meager, BA, MA, PG Cert, FSA, MCIfA

Director, Archaeology

Tel:020 7832 1487Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:0776 4830 956Email:

Richard has extensive experience in archaeological consultancy, including the project management of archaeological and heritage issues affecting a wide range of sites mainly within London and the south of England. His work includes the production of Archaeological Desk Based studies and Impact Assessments, Specifications and Written Schemes of Investigation, together with Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Statements, and the management of fieldwork programmes.

Robert Masefield

Robert Masefield, BSc MA MCIfA FSA

Director, Archaeology

Tel:020 7280 3269Fax:020 7583 2231

Robert has over twenty years of experience in British archaeology including consultancy management of some of large-scale and complex archaeological and heritage projects following more than ten years of undertaking archaeological fieldwork. At RPS he has responsibility for the development of projects and for providing advice on archaeological responses/strategies in relation to planning and development proposals. As a consultant with urban and rural experience Robert is used to working in multi-disciplinary Design Teams with commercial and statutory organisations.

Lorraine Mayo

Lorraine Mayo, BA (Hons), MA, MCIfA

Director, Archaeology

Tel:020 7832 0281Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:0792 1870 961Email:

Lorraine has more than ten years experience in professional archaeology. With a background in field archaeology focused in London and the south-east, she provides archaeological advice to clients, manages fieldwork, produces desk based assessments, EIA reports and impact assessments. She has provided archaeological input into sustainability frameworks and heritage strategies, and archaeological management plans.

Lynn Messenger

Lynn Messenger

Director, Office Management Team

Tel:020 7832 1480Fax:020 7583 2231

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith, BSc, MCIfA

Director, Archaeology

Tel:020 7832 0284Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:07834 345 167Email:

Matthew has over a decade of experience as a field archaeologist and as an archaeological consultant and heritage professional throughout the UK. Matthew specialises in providing archaeological and heritage support for commercial large scale developments and works for the majority of major housebuilders and developers nationwide. He has extensive experience of working within multi-disciplinary teams on projects ranging from city centre regeneration projects to the whole-scale development of rural and green field sites.

Chris Griffiths

Chris Griffiths, LLB(Hons), MA, IHBC

Senior Associate Director, Historic Buildings

Tel:020 7832 0276Fax:020 7583 2231

Chris is an architectural historian with an established planning and legal background. He brings a wealth of experience to heritage consultancy following 14 years working in the public sector as a conservation officer. Chris specialises in the adaptive re-use of historic buildings, urban regeneration and development within sensitive rural sites. He has worked on many successful heritage at risk initiatives and has considerable knowledge of traditional materials, construction and repair techniques. Chris is ideally placed to give strategic advice on master-planning, design, viability and the long term management of heritage assets.

Victoria Brocksopp

Victoria Brocksopp, BA (Hons), MA

Associate Director, Historic Buildings

Tel:020 7832 0262Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:0771 8707 051Email:

Victoria completed a two year professional Historic Environment Traineeship Scheme with English Heritage, working across the organisation's planning, designation and specialist advice departments, and gaining experience in the management of historic buildings, historic areas and archaeological sites of both local and national importance. In the same period, she gained experience within a number of local planning authorities.

Elizabeth DaSilva

Elizabeth DaSilva, BA (Hons)

Associate Director, Historic Buildings

Tel:020 7796 5094Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:07787 574 923Email:

Elizabeth has experience within both the public and private sectors, working across a wide range of heritage-led projects. These have varied from large-scale housing schemes to a broad variety of works in relation to private properties. Her key area of work is design focused, in particular ensuring high standards of design in historically sensitive contexts.

Peter Reeves

Peter Reeves, BA (Jt Hons) MCIfA

Associate Director, Archaeology

Tel:020 7832 0287Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:0785 0733 909Email:

Peter has experience in consulting on a wide variety of sites ranging in size, complexity, geography and archaeological potential. He has a particular expertise in the Mining, Minerals and Energy sectors experienced in producing desk-based assessments, environmental statements and setting assessments, and in managing fieldwork projects. Peter works for a variety of developers, including major residential developers and renewable energy companies.

Alistair Robertson

Alistair Robertson, MA (Joint Hons), MCIfA FSA Scot

Associate Director, Archaeology

Mobile:07808 245 903Email:

Alistair has over 10 years experience in contract archaeology and has managed the archaeological issues on a diverse range of construction projects, from bespoke residential developments to national infrastructure schemes. He has a detailed knowledge of relevant planning procedures, having also worked at Historic Scotland where he provided specialist advice on nationally significant heritage sites. Alistair is responsible for advising clients on archaeology in the planning process and ensuring best-value and a successful outcome.

Louise Ryan

Louise Ryan, BA(Hons) Msc

Associate Director, Historic Buildings

Tel:Fax:020 7583 2231

Louise is experienced in providing strategic heritage and townscape advice for a wide range of development schemes in a historic environment context. She has considerable experience in major regeneration projects, often involving tall buildings. With a strong proven academic record, Louise is proficient in preparing Built Heritage Statements, EIA Chapters and Heritage, Townscape and Visual Impact Assessments.

James Archer

James Archer, BA (Hons), PCIfA

Senior Archaeological Consultant, Archaeology

Tel:020 7832 1473Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:0783 1824 397Email:

James has been extensively involved in a large variety of sites throughout England including brownfield/greenfield sites and large scale/small scale development. He specialises in providing archaeological and historic environment advice relating to development and the planning process.

Tony Brown

Tony Brown, BA (Hons) MSc

Archaeological Consultant, Archaeology

Tel:020 7726 2259Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:0748 3904 938Email:

Sophie Bell

Sophie Bell, BA (Hons) Cantab

Archaeological Researcher, Archaeology

Tel:020 7280 3245Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:0795 8754 664Email:

Sophie joined RPS CgMs after graduating from university. She has experience completing archaeological research for Desk-Based Assessments and Archaeological Impact Assessment. She also has experience working with Anglo Saxon material and utilising early medieval written documents.

George Stewart-Phillips

George Stewart-Phillips, BA (Hons) MA

Archaeological Researcher, Archaeology

Tel:020 7280 3272Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:0785 0506 896Email:

Amanda Talboys

Amanda Talboys, BA, MA, PCIfA

Archaeological Researcher, Archaeology

Tel:020 7280 3281Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:0748 3385 587Email:

Jennifer Cooke

Jennifer Cooke, BA, MA

Senior Heritage Consultant, Historic Buildings

Tel:020 7832 1490Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:0777 8207 045Email:

Jennifer is currently on maternity leave.
Jennifer has a background in commercial law and has recently completed a MA in Cultural Heritage Management. She is able to combine knowledge of conservation theory and heritage assessment with the analytical and project management skills gained as a lawyer. She has experience advising commercial and public-sector clients and an aptitude for interpreting legislation, guidance and policy.

Joachim Abela

Joachim Abela, B E&A (Hons), MSc

Built Heritage Consultant, Historic Buildings

Tel:020 7796 5071Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:07483 445 088Email:

Joachim joined RPS CgMs in 2015 and has since provided strategic heritage advice and produced a variety of detailed reports that assess development proposals and their likely impact on the historic environment. He has considerable experience in producing Heritage Statements, Opportunities and Constraints Reports, and EIA Chapters.

Eleanor Grace

Eleanor Grace, BA MSc

Built Heritage Consultant, Historic Buildings

Tel:0207 832 0263Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile: 07484 531 719Email:

Eleanor has a background in practical building conservation and is able to bring this on-site knowledge of historic buildings to private practice. She has experience advising commercial and public-sector clients on alterations to listed buildings and buildings in conservation areas, as well as supporting larger development schemes in rural and urban settings.

Edward Hawkins

Edward Hawkins, BScEcn (Hons)

Heritage Consultant, Archaeology

Tel:020 7280 3436 Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:0748 4531 722 Email:

Edward is responsible for providing research to the London Wall Archaeology Team, working on a wide variety of projects at all scales of development nationwide. He has also successfully completed several Archaeological Desk Based Assessments.

Manca Petric

Manca Petric, MA PCIfA

Senior Archaeological Consultant, Archaeology

Tel:020 72803 287Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:07712 929 378Email:

Manca is currently on maternity leave.
Manca joined CgMs in 2016 after working in commercial archaeology for 10 years. She writes desk-based assessments, heritage statements and manages archaeological evaluations and excavations through the development process.

Nicola Storey

Nicola Storey

Heritage Consultant, Historic Buildings

Tel:020 7796 5095Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:07713 310 517Email:

Sylvia White

Sylvia White, BA (Hons) PCIfA

Archaeological Consultant, Archaeology

Tel:020 7796 5069Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:0788 1821 257Email:

Sylvia has in-depth experience in researching a wide variety of sites across England. She has experience in undertaking a range of archaeological reports, including Desk-Based Assessments, Archaeological Impact Assessments, and Environmental Statement chapters.

Jazmin Sexton

Jazmin Sexton, BSc (Hons) MSc

Archaeological Researcher, Archaeology

Tel:020 7280 3427Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:0748 4094 497Email:

Jazmin joined RPS CgMs after working in commercial archaeology. She has experience completing archaeological research for Desk-Based Assessments and Archaeological Impact Assessment. She also has experience excavating on archaeological sites, and with her Master's degree, a great knowledge of Human Osteology and burial practices.

Luke Wayman

Luke Wayman, BSc (Hons)

Heritage Graphics Manager, Archaeology and Historic Buildings

Tel:020 7832 0269Fax:020 7583 2231

Luke heads up the graphics team in London, dealing with all necessary graphics for the London based archaeological consultants. He also works closely with other regional offices overseeing all aspects of graphics work within Archaeology and Historic Buildings departments.

Matthew Pearson

Matthew Pearson

Senior Graphics Technician, Archaeology

Tel:01235 448 787Fax:

Matthew is a qualified archaeologist specialising in cartography and illustration, with a particular interest in aerial photographic and Lidar analysis. He has over 15 years’ experience of data collection, mapping, analysis and presentation for use in all aspects of the planning process, from site survey through to environmental statements and DCO submissions.

Tilia Cammegh

Tilia Cammegh

Graphics Specialist, Archaeology and Historic Buildings

Tel:020 7280 3248Fax:020 7583 2231

Charlotte Faiers

Charlotte Faiers

Graphics Specialist, Archaeology and Historic Buildings

Tel:020 7832 0257Fax:020 7583 2231

Karen Batten

Karen Batten

Secretary, Archaeology

Tel:020 7832 1479Fax:020 7583 2231

Sinead Chambers

Sinead Chambers

Secretary, Archaeology

Tel:020 7280 3262Fax:020 7583 2231

Emily Wright

Emily Wright

Secretary, Historic Buildings

Tel:0207 583 6767Fax:020 7583 2231

Kim Rua

Kim Rua

Senior Credit Controller, Office Management Team

Tel:020 7832 1493Fax:020 7583 2231

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