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Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith, BA (Hons), MA, PGCE, PGDip, MCIfA, IHBC

Deputy Operational Director, Historic Buildings

Tel:01242 259 837Fax:01242 259 299
Mobile:07718 707 052Email:

Jonathan is a widely experienced and fully qualified heritage professional with practical familiarity and an extensive track record in heritage management. This includes experience, gained over nearly thirty years, as a commercial contractor, lecturer, local government curator and as a consultant in the commercial sector.

Nick Cooke

Nick Cooke, BA (Hons), PhD, MCIfA, FSA

Director, Archaeology

Mobile:0748 3981 238Email:

Philip Bethell

Philip Bethell, BA (Hons) MCIfA

Senior Associate Director, Archaeology

Tel:01242 259 294Fax:01242 259 299
Mobile:0752 5803 343Email:

Phil has 35 years professional experience in the heritage sector, including 8 years in commercial heritage consultancy. He has expert knowledge of archaeology and heritage issues within the UK planning system. Experience of managing a wide variety of heritage projects, including archaeological fieldwork, heritage site development, conservation and research.

Chris Clarke

Chris Clarke, BSc (Hons) MA ACIfA

Senior Associate Director, Archaeology

Tel:020 7832 0253Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:07881 020 428Email:

Chris has over 13 years experience as a professional archaeologist. His career has provided him with an experience of archaeological projects across the country, with a specific focus on London and the South-East. He has contributed to multiple Environmental Assessments and routinely undertakes desk-based assessments.

Richard Smalley

Richard Smalley, BA (Hons), ACIfA

Senior Associate Director, Archaeology

Tel:01242 259 295Fax:01242 259 299
Mobile:07557 789 817Email:

Richard forms part of the Cheltenham Heritage Team, covering south-west England and Wales. With a background in archaeological geophysics, survey and excavation, Richard has a broad knowledge of archaeology from all periods across the United Kingdom. Richard is experienced in the writing and submitting of reports and managing fieldwork projects, and has technical knowledge of a number of illustration packages and processing software such as AutoCAD, ArcGIS and Corel.

James Edwards

James Edwards, BSc (Hons) MSc DipTP MRTPI, IHBC

Associate Director, Historic Buildings

Tel:01242 259 298Fax:01242 259 299

James brings with him over 15 years’ experience as a town planner in both local government and the private sector. As a Chartered town planner, James has progressively channelled his interest towards historic buildings, undertaking a post-graduate degree in historic building conservation, whilst actively remaining involved in the mainstream planning system. He is able to offer a broad skillset for the development industry.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones, BA (Hons), MA, MRICS

Associate Director, Historic Buildings

Tel:01242 335 112Fax:
Mobile:0788 7521 005Email:

Jessica is an experienced Chartered Surveyor with a broad grounding in the development, valuation and asset management of a range of property types, including heritage assets. Jessica's background enables her to provide built heritage advice which is both technically sound and commercially astute, balancing conservation considerations with development viability.

Susana Parker

Susana Parker, BA (Hons), MA, PIEMA, MCIfA

Associate Director , Archaeology

Tel:01242 259 291Fax:01242 259 299
Mobile:0771 2929 380Email:

Neil Wright

Neil Wright, BSc (Hons) MCIfA

Senior Archaeological Consultant, Archaeology

Tel:01242 259 833Fax:01242 259 299
Mobile:0791 7241 309Email:

Neil has over fourteen years experience in the professional heritage sector, with over eight years spent in field archaeology and six in consultancy. He has experience of major infrastructure projects, such as the new nuclear build at Hinkley Point, and his major clients have included National Grid, SSE and EDF Energy. Having worked on many and varied projects, Neil has built-up substantial knowledge of the heritage sector within the UK, both practically and in a management and consultancy role.

Jason White

Jason White

Archaeological Researcher, Archaeology

Tel:01242 259 840Fax:01242 259 299
Mobile:0774 0825 667Email:

Florence Maxwell

Florence Maxwell, BA (Hons), MA

Senior Built Heritage Consultant, Historic Buildings

Tel: 01242 335 113Fax:01242 259 299
Mobile:0771 4251 108Email:

Florence is currently on maternity leave.
Following on from a degree in Archaeology and Ancient History at Durham University, Florence completed a Masters Degree in Conservation Studies (Historic Buildings) at the University of York, developing knowledge in conservation theory and practice,

Helen Warren

Helen Warren, BA (Hons), MSt (Cantab)

Senior Heritage Consultant, Historic Buildings

Tel:01242 259 297Fax:01242 259 299
Mobile:0748 3450 430Email:

Helen studied Building History at the University of Cambridge and has over eight years of experience working for both the public and private sectors, on projects ranging from award winning, environmentally sustainable new builds to those involving the regeneration and adaption of listed buildings within Conservation Areas and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Emma Winder

Emma Winder, BA (Oxon) MSc

Assistant Heritage Consultant, Historic Buildings

Tel:01242 335 114Fax:01242 259 299
Mobile:0790 3765 307Email:

Nida Bhunnoo

Nida Bhunnoo

Graphics Specialist, Archaeology

Tel:01242 259 296Fax:01242 259 299

Rachel Thomas

Rachel Thomas

Secretary, Historic Buildings

Tel:01242 259 832Fax:01242 259 299

Nicola Waddington

Nicola Waddington

Secretary, Archaeology and Historic Buildings

Tel:01242 259 832Fax:01242 259 299

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