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Duncan Hawkins

Duncan Hawkins, BA, (Hons), MSc, FSA, MCIfA

Operational Director, Archaeology and Historic Buildings

Tel:020 7832 1481Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:0774 0171 834Email:

Duncan has over 20 years experience as a professional archaeologist, project manager and consultant. He spent 5 years working for the Museum of London before moving into private consultancy. Duncan has particular experience of working for housing developers and acts for many of the main UK housebuilders on archaeological matters.

Simon Mortimer

Simon Mortimer, MA (Oxon), MCIfA

Deputy Operational Director, Archaeology

Tel:01636 653 060Fax:01636 653 065
Mobile:07730 648 636Email:

Simon has over 19 years experience as a professional archaeologist. He is responsible for advising largely private sector clients on all aspects of archaeology within the planning process. He has managed a diverse range of projects from new settlements and distribution parks to highway schemes, quarries, cemetery extensions and power stations. He has also presented expert evidence at Public Inquiry and at Financial Arbitration.

Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith, BA (Hons), MA, PGCE, PGDip, MCIfA, IHBC

Deputy Operational Director, Historic Buildings

Tel:01242 259 837Fax:01242 259 299
Mobile:07718 707 052Email:

Jonathan is a widely experienced and fully qualified heritage professional with practical familiarity and an extensive track record in heritage management. This includes experience, gained over nearly thirty years, as a commercial contractor, lecturer, local government curator and as a consultant in the commercial sector.

Simon Blatherwick

Simon Blatherwick, BA MA MCIfA

Director, Archaeology

Tel:Fax:020 7583 2231

Simon has led historic environment consultancy and archaeological field work teams on a diverse range of projects spanning infrastructure, energy, town centre re-development and brown-field/greenfield sites. He provides consultancy advice on historic environment responses in relation to development proposals. With over twenty-six years of experience of working in the historic environment sector, including over ten years of undertaking archaeological fieldwork, Simon has a unique knowledge of the historic environment and development.

Nick Cooke

Nick Cooke, BA (Hons), PhD, MCIfA, FSA

Director, Archaeology

Mobile:0748 3981 238Email:

Dr Mike Dawson

Dr Mike Dawson, FSA, MCIfA

Director, Archaeology

Tel:015 3679 0447Fax:015 3679 9378
Mobile:0773 6821 391Email:

Michael manages CgMs Midlands in Kettering. He has over 30 years of professional experience in the private and public sector. He has acted as an expert witness, and at planning inquiries for government agencies, local authorities and private clients. Michael has written Environmental Statements, Heritage Conservation and Management Plans, Heritage Appraisals, Scheduled Monument Consent applications, Impact & Desk Top Assessments, Expert Witness Reports and Written Schemes of Investigation.

Sally Dicks

Sally Dicks, BA (Hons), MCIfA

Director, Archaeology

Tel:020 7832 1390Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:07743 800 950Email:

Sally has over 7 years experience as a professional archaeologist. She is reponsible for project management and assigning sub-contractors; also writing environmental impact assessments, desk based assessments, written scheme of investigations and providing advise to clients.

Jo Evans

Jo Evans, BSc (Hons) RTPI IHBC

Director, Historic Buildings

Tel:Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:0771 3310 419Email:

Jo has over 20 years experience in the private and public sector with experience in all aspects of building and area conservation. Jo is the past Chair of the Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC), prior to which she was the Membership Secretary of the IHBC and the Chair of the Institute's Membership and Ethics Committee. She is currently the Secretary of the IHBC. Jo also sits on the Design Review Panel for Oxford City Council.

Myk Flitcroft

Myk Flitcroft, BA(Hons), MSc, MCIfA

Director, Archaeology

Tel:01636 653 060Fax:01636 653 065
Mobile:0780 958 3861Email:

Myk has more than 20 years professional experience in the public and private sectors. Prior to joining CgMs, Myk led Northamptonshire County Council's Historic Environment team and acted as principal advisor to the county's local planning authorities on the management of archaeological issues within the planning process. He has extensive experience assessing the Historic Environment implications of development proposals and of negotiating programmes of archaeological measures to mitigate impacts and monitoring their successful implementation.

Suzanne Gailey

Suzanne Gailey, BA (Hons), MA, MCIfA

Director, Archaeology

Tel:020 7832 1488Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:0783 4030 470Email:

Experience in coordinating and managing fieldwork projects, production of archaeological Desk Based Assessments, Archaeological Impact Assessments and Environmental Impact Assessments. Experience in offering development control advice, digitised characterisation projects and historical and archaeological research.

Richard von Kalinowski-Meager

Richard von Kalinowski-Meager, BA, MA, PG Cert, FSA, MCIfA

Director, Archaeology

Tel:020 7832 1487Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:0776 4830 956Email:

Richard has extensive experience in archaeological consultancy, including the project management of archaeological and heritage issues affecting a wide range of sites mainly within London and the south of England. His work includes the production of Archaeological Desk Based studies and Impact Assessments, Specifications and Written Schemes of Investigation, together with Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Statements, and the management of fieldwork programmes.

Robert Masefield

Robert Masefield, BSc MA MCIfA FSA

Director, Archaeology

Tel:020 7280 3269Fax:020 7583 2231

Robert has over twenty years of experience in British archaeology including consultancy management of some of large-scale and complex archaeological and heritage projects following more than ten years of undertaking archaeological fieldwork. At RPS he has responsibility for the development of projects and for providing advice on archaeological responses/strategies in relation to planning and development proposals. As a consultant with urban and rural experience Robert is used to working in multi-disciplinary Design Teams with commercial and statutory organisations.

Lorraine Mayo

Lorraine Mayo, BA (Hons), MA, MCIfA

Director, Archaeology

Tel:020 7832 0281Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:0792 1870 961Email:

Lorraine has more than ten years experience in professional archaeology. With a background in field archaeology focused in London and the south-east, she provides archaeological advice to clients, manages fieldwork, produces desk based assessments, EIA reports and impact assessments. She has provided archaeological input into sustainability frameworks and heritage strategies, and archaeological management plans.

Lynn Messenger

Lynn Messenger

Director, Office Management Team

Tel:020 7832 1480Fax:020 7583 2231

Richard Mortimer

Richard Mortimer

Director, Archaeology

Mobile:0778 4217 195Email:

Mick Rawlings

Mick Rawlings, BA Hons, MCifA

Director, Archaeology

Tel:0123 5838 234Fax:
Mobile:0770 3113 469Email:

Mick has more than 25 years of professional experience within the historic environment sector, with projects in the UK & overseas. He has been employed by contracting and consulting organisations that provide archaeological and historic environment services to a wide range of clients. These include transport and infrastructure providers as well as public agencies and private sector developers. His experience includes road, rail and aviation projects, renewable energy schemes (including onshore and offshore wind farms) and a considerable number of large-scale residential schemes.

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith, BSc, MCIfA

Director, Archaeology

Tel:020 7832 0284Fax:020 7583 2231
Mobile:07834 345 167Email:

Matthew has over a decade of experience as a field archaeologist and as an archaeological consultant and heritage professional throughout the UK. Matthew specialises in providing archaeological and heritage support for commercial large scale developments and works for the majority of major housebuilders and developers nationwide. He has extensive experience of working within multi-disciplinary teams on projects ranging from city centre regeneration projects to the whole-scale development of rural and green field sites.

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