Residential Capabilities

CgMs residential team has a proven track record of achieving permission for residential development throughout London and the UK and offers a comprehensive range of services to clients, advising throughout the whole of the planning process. Our residential clients include the UK’s leading volume housebuilders, other residential developers including Registered Providers and providers of specialist accommodation for the elderly and students. We also advise landowners, investors and private individuals.

Our capabilities include:

Site Appraisal

Understanding a site and the physical and planning factors effecting it is critical in determining the optimum potential of the site to accommodate development. CgMs can undertake comprehensive site appraisals covering physical constraints, policy controls and planning history as well as advising on the feasible scale of possible development and strategy for moving forward with development.


Strategy is a key element of the planning process and CgMs has a strong track record of advising residential developers on the best approach to take from the initial site appraisal stage through to the planning applications stage. Where necessary, CgMs can also advise on strategy following a refusal of planning permission and making that crucial decision on whether to revise the scheme or to appeal.

Applications & Appeals

Planning applications are becoming increasingly complex with additional elements required for their successful validation. The spectrum of policies and requirements that a development must now satisfy are also wider than ever, and are subject to constant change. CgMs large residential team contains a breath of knowledge and experience which enables them to be up-to-date on all aspects required of planning applications ensuring nothing is missed and planning applications are progressed quickly. CgMs also has extensive experience of residential planning appeals with a strong track record of successfully challenging adverse planning decisions.

Planning Obligations and the Community Infrastructure Levy

Negotiation of planning obligations is a skilled process and requires a comprehensive knowledge of the numerous relevant matters and their relative priority. With the gradual introduction of the Community Infrastructure Levy and its precedence over planning obligations the negotiation of planning obligations and affordable housing provision is critical in ensuring a viable development. CgMs has extensive experience in the negotiation of planning obligations and has in house expertise in the assessment of development viability to determine the level of affordable housing provision possible for a development whilst maintaining overall viability.

Case examples:

  • Horsted Park, Chatham
  • Leggatts Campus, Watford
  • Western Heights & Farthingloe, Dover
  • Sleaford Street, Battersea

Planning Policy and 5 Year Housing Land Supply

Planning policy is ever changing, and the pressure on Local Authorities to develop an up to date local plan framework and CIL charging schedule is greater than ever. With the widespread failures of Local Planning Authorities to demonstrate a 5 year supply of housing land never has there been a better time to promote sites for residential development. CgMs has a depth of experience in successfully promoting sites for residential development through the plan preparation process including critical analysis of 5 year land supply figures to justify development.

Case examples:

  • Anerley School, Anerley, London
  • Land West of Cheshunt, Hertfordshire
  • Stablebridge Road, Aston Clinton, Bucks
  • Rackheath Norwich
  • London Road, Ipswich

Affordable Housing Toolkit Appraisals

Negotiating affordable housing provision is a critical aspect of residential development and it is essential that affordable housing requirements, balanced against other scheme requirements, do not compromise the viability of a scheme. CgMs regularly prepare and negotiate affordable housing toolkit appraisals which demonstrate to the local planning authority that a scheme provides the maximum viable level of affordable housing.  This capability, combined with our awareness of the detailed aspects of a scheme in our role as planning consultant, enables a more holistic  negotiation process.  CgMs are currently advising on a number of residential schemes across London and the south east and are retained by house-builders, RSLs and developers providing planning advice on a range of issues and across a number of development sectors.

Case Examples:

  • Cockspur Street, London
  • Land at Chigwell, Redbridge

Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a legal requirement for many types of development. CgMs has extensive experience of commissioning and co-ordinating Environmental Impact Assessments including the selection and commissioning of the consultant team, timescale management and quality control. The co-ordination of an EIA is essential to ensure a cohesive assessment and one that correctly balances the impacts of development.

Case examples:

  • Western Heights and Farthingloe, Dover
  • Cannon Wharf, Lewisham
  • Teddington Riverside
  • Cringleford, Norwich

Socio-Economic Assessment

A socio-economic impact assessment is a common requirement within an Environmental Assessment. This is an assessment of the impacts of development on the social and economic context including benefits in terms of new local housing and spending and other impacts such as increased demand on local social infrastructure. Socio-economic impact assessments can be of benefit to the planning process in identifying the wider benefits of development. CgMs has expertise in producing socio-economic impact assessments.

Case examples:

  • Western Heights and Farthingloe, Dover
  • Cannon Wharf, Lewisham
  • The Avenue, Egham
  • Leven Wharf, Poplar
  • Teddington Riverside

We have advised on a wide variety of residential development types including major housing developments, mixed use housing sites, affordable housing schemes, care homes and small housing sites.

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Residential Capabilities

CgMs residential team has a proven track record of achieving permission for residential development throughout London and the UK and offers a comprehensive range of services to clients. Read more...

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