Historic Buildings (Listed and Unlisted)

The Historic Buildings team specialise in appraising buildings of all ages, types and states of repair. Very often a site might comprise a range of buildings dating from various periods. CgMs is well versed in assessing buildings from Medieval timber framed structures right up to 1970s Brutalist architecture. We are experienced in assessing the potential of a building for statutory listing and have supported both the listing and de-listing of various buildings with success.

CgMs deal with the setting of listed buildings and new development on a daily basis and is fully aware of the changing national policy and guidance involving listed building and their setting. The assessment of setting and impacts of new development upon it is open to many interpretations. The team are experienced in systematic assessment of the significance of a historic building and what land around it contributes to that significance.

We deal with unlisted buildings of local merit within and outside conservation areas and advise on the best way to secure planning and other consents. Below are a range of services with respect to buildings which CgMs provide.


  • Assessment of listed buildings - CgMs undertakes appraisals of key areas of architectural and historical significance (supported by research); review of policy and guidance including PPG15, Local Plan; advice on whether alterations/extensions can be supported; supporting statements to accompany listed building consent applications; support for de-listing applications where appropriate.
    Bow Street
    Hereford Square
  • New Buildings within the historic environment - Working alongside architects as a complementary service; ensuring that design proposals are robust for new build affecting settings of listed buildings; advice on appropriate height, scale, mass, materials, bulk.
    Casino, Guildford
  • Environmental Impact Assessment - Cultural Heritage chapters can be provided for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) on large development sites. These chapters, offer objective assessment of the direct and indirect predicted to impact upon the historic built and buried environment. Cultural Heritage chapters are undertaken in association with CgMs' Archaeology Team.
    Environmental Impact Assessment
    Greenwich Market
    Marlowe Theatre
  • Assessment of unlisted historic buildings - The team carries out appraisals of architectural and historical merit (supported by research); consideration of whether a building possess the criteria for statutory listing (could be open to 'spot listing'); making representations to DCMS for/against listing; assessment of locally listed buildings; requests for certificates of immunity from listing; advice on design proposals.
    Expedier House
  • Conservation Management Plans/Conservation Plans - CgMs works alongside conservation architects to produce and advise on Conservation Plans for historic assets with long term needs.
    Clumber Park
  • Standing Building Recording - CgMs undertake Building Recording and analysis in-house with a dedicated recording team specialising in the recording, analysis and interpretation of standing buildings.
  • Enforcement Cases and Appeals - CgMs can advise on enforcement cases where unauthorised works have been carried out on listed buildings. The team is well versed in both defining the impact of such works, negotiating with the Council and putting forward a suitable strategy for resolution. This can involve support at appeal where appropriate and justifiable.
    High Street Hastings

Regional contacts:

London and South East

Veronica Cassin - Director
Email: veronica.cassin@cgms.co.uk

South West and Wales

Jonathan Smith - Director
01242 259 290
Email: jonathan.smith@cgms.co.uk

Midlands & North England

Simon Mortimer - Director
01636 642 707
Email: simon.mortimer@cgms.co.uk

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