The Energy Team

The Energy Team provides specialist planning advice to: 

  • Providers of electricity and gas in the UK.
  • Distributors of electricity and gas in the UK.
  • Promoters of wind farms and other sustainable energy sources.

Energy Team Services

Our energy team undertake the following core planning services:

  • Advising distributors of power of the planning requirements and the timing and cost implications for grid connections.
  • Acting as the planning manager to lead planning negotiations and to co-ordinate other specialist consultants.
  • Working with our historic buildings and archaeology teams in the assessment of the impact of the proposed development by the energy providers, including wind farm operators on the site’s heritage assets, setting and context.
  • Advising on the environmental impact of the proposed developments and the preparation of the necessary supporting information including environmental impact assessments as required by the regulations
  • If necessary acting as the expert planning witness at planning appeal as well as directly instructing Counsel.

Key Energy Clients

National Grid / Cornwall Light and Power / Nuon renewables / Enertag / NPower renewables


Our Specialist Energy Team is headed by Richard Tilley Director
020 7832 1463
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