Conservation Areas

Conservation Areas are areas designated by a local planning authority in order to preserve their character and appearance. A Conservation Area very often encompass a variety of historic buildings (some listed) and open spaces that are of importance. There are approximately 9,300 conservation areas in England. CgMs is experienced in undertaking character assessments of whole Conservation Areas for local authorities as well as assessing the impact of a new development on a Conservation Area. We are well equipped to assess the impacts of demolition of buildings within these areas and can advise and input into the design process for new structures within Conservation Areas. The team has worked on a variety of Conservation Areas across the country, ranging from village centres in a rural context to large tight nit inner city areas.


Registered Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest are nationally designated areas ranging from small turf mazes to extensive parklands associated with large country houses. These areas form planned landscapes in which topography and vegetation have been manipulated by human intervention. Every area is unique with its own significant elements and relationships with other parts of the historic environment, very often a listed building or conservation area.

CgMs provide advice in relation to development both within and outside a registered park and garden. By using thorough background historical research the team appraises these areas and identifies their special interest and the possible effects of new development or alterations upon them



  • Conservation Area Character Appraisals - CgMs has been engaged by various planning authorities to carry out appraisals for newly designated areas, determining the key characteristics of an area, its historic interest and any threats to the area.
  • Demolition in a Conservation Area - CgMs carry out in-depth assessments of unlisted building within conservation areas to determine their merits and their contribution to the area.
    RAF Upper Heywood
  • Development affecting Registered Parks and Gardens - CgMs is well versed in identify impacts and advising on development plans in relation to registered parks and gardens.
    Highfields Park
  • Conservation Area Consent Applications - CgMs provide advice to owners who wish to demolition all or part of a building within a conservation area. The proposals are assessed in terms of the key characteristics of an area.
    Lisle Lane
  • Development within Registered Parks and Gardens - CgMs asses the importance and key characteristics of a park and garden, including any vistas and views and identify any impacts upon the designated area.

Regional contacts:

London and South East

Veronica Cassin - Director

South West and Wales

Jonathan Smith - Director
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Midlands & North England

Simon Mortimer - Director
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