Building Recording and Analysis

CgMs undertake Building Recording and analysis in-house with a dedicated recording team specialising in the recording, analysis and interpretation of standing buildings. Recording and analysis may be required to discharge a planning condition, inform a conservation project or to assist determination of an application affecting built heritage. Our experience covers a wide range of periods and building types. We offer in-house photographic, analytical and graphic professionals that are suitably qualified and experienced in this field and ensure a consistent and high quality approach that has secured our reputation as one of the most well regarded specialist departments in this field. We have a client base drawn from both the public and private sector throughout the UK.

Our projects range from individual buildings such as domestic houses, to large industrial complexes, military installations and country estates. Our nationwide experience has lead to excellent working relationships with many local, regional and national monitoring bodies, allowing the team to negotiate appropriate and cost effective mitigation on behalf of our clients whilst providing effective and reputable deliverables. The recording team work in association with our in-house research team and produce factual, interpretive and informative records, often used by our clients for promotion of developments or in the management of historic buildings and sites.


  • Pre-application Recording/Analysis - A significant number of our clients have found that carrying out an historic buildings record prior to the submission of an application for inclusion with the other supporting documentation, provides the local planning authority with all the necessary historical information they require. CgMs are skilled in determining the appropriate level of record and carrying out the work within the available timeframe.
    Bramshill House
  • Asset Management - Some of our clients who have an obligation to maintain and manage the use of historic properties have found that a detailed record of the buildings allows them to more effectively plan for their continued upkeep. In these cases the record can be tailored to address the specific requirements of the management team.
    Leith Hill House
    Owletts House
    Hackhurst Farm
  • Conditional Recording - The recording team can provide a full service to clients who find that historic building recording and analysis forms one of the conditions placed on a consented scheme, including negotiations with the local planning authority, production of pre-recording documentation, recording and report production and subsequent submission of the generated archive.
    Sir Paul Pindar's House

Regional contacts:

London and South East

Veronica Cassin - Director

South West and Wales

Jonathan Smith - Director
01242 259 290

Midlands & North England

Simon Mortimer - Director
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